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Sandhill Tactical provides professional firearms services to the avid hunter, sports and competition shooter, range facility, manufacturer, and Law Enforcement personnel or agency.  We can help our clients achieve their specific goals whether it be defensive firearms training, long range shooting applications, or weapon modifications and upgrades.  Our professional staff and instructors give you more in the way of knowledge, real world experience and hands on training and consulting.  Sandhill Tactical is a diverse company that prides itself on giving our clients the very best in product knowledge, safe weapons manipulation and factual industry information.

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“Awesome instruction today on the range. I highly recommend this company for anyone wanting to step up and become more proficient with your AR-15/M4 or Glock shooting platforms. Excellent course for civilian or LE, so contact or message Chris Spears of Sandhill Tactical.”
Dwayne Palmer, Law Enforcement Personell,  2013

“The class was great. I really think that everything you went over was a good thing. Like you said in the classroom ” we may know some of what you go over but there is always something new for your tool box to keep and practice.”
-Patrick ZaledzeiskiCarbine Clinic, 2013

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